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Central Market

Central Market was one of the largest WooCommerce projects I’ve ever been a part of.

Some of the most notable features were the custom modals, multi-site home-store management, shopping lists, user dashboards, and many more.

With the product database reaching well over the 5,000+ range, WebDevStudios leveraged the power of Elastic Press.

Add to all that you have weekly specials, recipes, store-specific data, and just way too much to list here.

For more information view the WebDevStudios portfolio page.

Uwishunu Philadelphia

Working in collaboration with a designer, we built an awesome event-based content website for the Uwishunu team.

Contrary to the Real Estate Express project, we elected to give our own page builder a go here. The page-builder was born during the project, and is more of a row-based builder — instead of the module-based builders of today.

Using the WDS Simple Page Builder allowed us to use a system we’re used to; CMB2, while still providing moderate customization without the bloat of other editors.

Add to that, we also did some other pretty awesome things like a custom infinite scroll, share tracking, custom menu layouts, and some really neat event pages.

For more information check the WebDevStudios portfolio page.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express was a comprehensive lesson into Visual Composer. They had hired us at WebDevStudios to build a fully customizable real estate licensing and education platform on WordPress.

As a part of the migration and back-end development team for this project, my tasks ranged from building custom Visual Composer module interfaces, to integrating with their custom API endpoints.

With the courses API endpoint this required us to create extensive data maps. Mapping the data ensured a smooth transition into the WordPress database. Additionally, we also built an importer on a schedule, which also ensured the website had the latest up-to-date information from the API.

With just about every module on the site being a Visual Composer item, this required us to re-think API caching as well. Caching the data locally in a readily accessible manner, allowed multiple modules to access the information without unnecessary queries.

For more details, view the WebDevStudios portfolio page.


Microsoft Office Blogs

Working on the Office Blogs as a back-end developer offered little challenge for this front-end heavy site.

As with Windows Blogs the WebDevStudios team provided Office a similar dynamic filtering capability for their main menu.

As with other blogs, and News Center, coming from a proprietary system, migrating the site was a challenge, but still an amazing feat to accomplish.

Admittedly, once the data was in WordPress, it was down-hill from there.

For more details, visit the WebDevStudios Porfolio page.

Microsoft Windows Blogs

Launching one of the Windows Blogs was a great feeling. From start to finish the project was really well rounded, and working with the technical team from Microsoft, meant everyone knew exactly what was required to complete the tasks.

Possibly one of the coolest features was the dynamic filtering which allowed a reader to sort by topics from a custom navigation menu, and, then subscribe to a custom RSS feed based on their selection.

For more details on this project, checkout the WebDevStudios portfolio entry, we build amazing things!

Microsoft Newscenter

Re-launching Microsoft News Center was one of the most humbling projects of my career. Bringing Microsoft off of their proprietary content management system to WordPress was both a challenge and a joy to do.

As a part of the migration and back-end development team, I was given the opportunity to solve some of the more complex problems you would expect to face trying to migrate a proprietary system.

Creating solutions for XML, XSLT, and HTML content imports was great fun. Other features include custom search filtering, multi-site migrations, custom product galleries, and not to mention the multitude of back-end features such as custom post types, taxonomies, and even a sweet custom content editor.


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