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Sometime around 2013, maybe earlier, I got into WordPress, and faked my skills as much as possible. “I’m a WordPress developer” I’d say, “I could build you a cheap website, at low cost.” During this time I’d bid projects for just a few $100 saying “I know what I’m doing”. And I kept telling myself that for years. Making a few hundred here, and occasionally maybe five-hundred there…

Truth be told, all I did was setup themes, and configure them. I was told repeatedly, “that will get you nowhere, there’s no jobs like that here.” I’ll never forget my LinkedIn profile comment, I labeled myself as a MySQL expert, and it wasn’t long before someone found that I knew NOTHING about SQL at the time aside from using a UI to alter data. BUT, I put myself out there, to learn, and to be told I’m wrong, so I can be taught more.

Then came a big decision for me, college. All around me people would say, “you need a college degree to go somewhere…” which in some fields, yes, that’s totally true. This is absolutely not true for web development. There are so many resources out there today to learn. In fact, I actually dropped out of college when my professor told me, “let’s keep it simple for the other students” and she failed my submission because I went the extra mile to code a GUI for the project.

In my state, for the most part, work is secluded ( at least from my view ) into three main categories. The Mines, Medical, or Food… It was actually suggested to me that I go into the mines, or even the military in order to support my family.

WordPress, has literally changed that for me, and so MUCH for the better. Some people can’t understand why I’m so passionate about my work, why I work long hours ( be it for WebDevStudios or myself ). It’s purely because I love what I do. There’s so much knowledge sharing that goes on at our company, so much to be learned about WordPress and PHP, and a ton of new challenging tasks that come up, I just never get bored.

To all of you who think you can’t do something, or are in a small town telling you that you must join this career path, throw up the middle finger and walk away smiling, joker-style! For added effect, throw in that evil laugh he has.

No I haven’t got to see the world yet, but I’m working on it. I’m grateful to be working for an amazing company that has taught me so much and has enough trust in me to make me a Lead Back-End developer. I look forward to being with these guys in the coming years, it’s been almost 3 so far, let’s make it another 3, shall we?

Mailcatcher Nginx Config

Nginx configs for Mailcatcher are out there, but if you’re like me you want something simple. I mean it’s Nginx, can’t be that hard right?

Chances are you’re here because you have a dedicated server, and want to setup mail catcher.  Well if you’re like me and spent HOURS looking for a ‘simple’ solution; I promise not to disappoint you.

Mailcatcher is something relatively new to me. It’s not something I’ve needed to use because my server’s IP is blocked by google already ( apparently my hosting has done something nefarious at one point ). Since I’m blocked anyhow I use a Gmail plugin for all my personal sites, so I know which sites can send email, while all the rest cannot.

If you’re not familiar with Mailcatcher you should be! it’s just as you’d expect; it catches all emails coming from your server and forwards them to a faux inbox for your viewing pleasure.

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Developer Devolution: Why I Stopped Using Vagrant

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How to Avoid a Server Apocalypse

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Java: Catching all Exceptions

So here’s the thing.  I’m not REALLY a Java guy. Yes I did, however, write most of the starting code for WooMinecraft, but that was more of a test on getting into Java itself, not really to write the plugin.

My day job is as a WordPress developer over at WebDevStudios. So I’m really limited on the time I get to spend with Java, which makes it more of a hobby and a side project. This is evident if you look at the commit logs for WooMinecraft.

However, this weekend I’ve started work on a sort of “remote white-list management” for Minecraft. To get you up to speed, Minecraft, while being a game, is still pretty in-depth if you play modded Minecraft like Feed the Beast or Tekkit, or other packs.  Anyhow, I’m not going to try to explain it completely, but basically for me, Minecraft is a Java playground.
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From GPL to Commercial

For some time, I’ve had this one plugin, not many know it exists, and it literally had only ONE install, which was me.

To be clear, this is NOT talking about Content Warning v2 – I would NEVER make that commercial. Too many sites use it.  Rather; this is talking about Minecraft Suite.

Minecraft Suite is more of a passion project of mine, and has been for some time.  I’ve added code that’s needed to accommodate my day-to-day server management needs.

To date it only has two features:

  • Server Status Widget – Shows rather a server is online or offline.
  • Whitelist Application Management – A form, shortcode, and corresponding back-end post type to store/approve white-list applications.

Not much to go commercial I know, but hear me out. I have two features in the works which will have a corresponding Spigot plugin.

Remote Whitelist Management

I intend for this to pretty much do as it says. Remote whitelist management is something I’ve needed for a long time. The intent is to tie it into the Applications module and provide the Minecraft server a remote endpoint to read from, instead of reading the default whitelist.json file.

Why use this? Well it’s simple. Right now the applications module just stores the approved applications. I intend to provide a feed for the server to read from, as well as a corresponding Spigot plugin, which will auto-whitelist users on the list. So simply ‘approving’ an application no longer just swaps the post status, it will then also white-list that user.

Buddy Press, BB Press and WordPress Registration

This is a request I got some time ago, which makes complete sense. The idea is to allow users to register their IGN on the WordPress website. Basically linking a WordPress username to their IGN.

Of course there are other features for this that I have in mind like linking it up with Buddy Press & BB Press to allow MC users to select different users to post as, or list IGN’s they’re affiliated with.


Is this enough to go commercial? Maybe I should go a ‘freemium’ route? Not entirely sure yet, but I’ve currently deleted the GitHub repo and moved it to my private repos. So we’ll see how this goes.

On the flip side, I would love to hear some thoughts on this, like what makes you want to go ‘commercial’ for plugins, or where you may have failed/succeeded?

Back to Civilization

After the nuclear fallout that was my web-server crash, I finally took some time to bring the site back online.

A bit bland obviously, mainly due to my lack of ‘wanting to put everything back’. I gotta say, after a crash like that, completely losing my entire database.

It was utterly stupid of me to assume ‘that won’t happen to me’ — when it obviously did.

Hmpf, oh well, shit happens I guess, time to rebuild! Time to rebuild it BETTER, and MORE AMAZING!

Until then, you may want to checkout the AWESOME company I work for, or even some of my blog articles there.

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