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How to Download FTP Files in WordPress

Recently, I was given the opportunity to work on a really cool importing project that involved us pulling data from an FTP server and importing that into WordPress. It led me to look deeper into the Filesystem API; WordPress does this already,… Continue Reading →

Developer Devolution: Why I Stopped Using Vagrant

Vagrant is an awesome tool and works really well–for most applications. At WDS, a LOT of our peeps use Vagrant for their day-to-day activities, and chances are you’ve seen Brad Parbs‘ VV at some point, or may be using it right… Continue Reading →

How to Avoid a Server Apocalypse

As we all know, running an un-managed server can be a hassle. There’s always something you’re not prepared for–and that’s what my story is about! Sometime ago I was dealing with brute force attacks, and during that time, I thought it was… Continue Reading →

Java: Woo Minecraft at it’s core!

Bridging WooCommerce and Minecraft was quite a large feat, especially when I was first getting into Java development. It’s been a couple years since I actually started to code WooMinecraft. And it’s grown, though not exploded, but it’s catching on… Continue Reading →

Java: Catching all Exceptions

So here’s the thing.  I’m not REALLY a Java guy. Yes I did, however, write most of the starting code for WooMinecraft, but that was more of a test on getting into Java itself, not really to write the plugin…. Continue Reading →

From GPL to Commercial

For some time, I’ve had this one plugin, not many know it exists, and it literally had only ONE install, which was me. To be clear, this is NOT talking about Content Warning v2 – I would NEVER make that… Continue Reading →

Back to Civilization

After the nuclear fallout that was my web-server crash, I finally took some time to bring the site back online. A bit bland obviously, mainly due to my lack of ‘wanting to put everything back’. I gotta say, after a… Continue Reading →

Common Freelancer Fails and How to Avoid Them

The freelancing world is a fierce place to be, and for a newbie freelancer, this is especially true. Competing against the world online can seem like a futile endeavor, which is why most freelancers start off in their hometown or nearby… Continue Reading →

DIY: Twitter Share Counts (Part 2)

In part one, I showed you how to talk to the Twitter API, get the tweets, and count them. In this post, I’m going to show you how to handle those popular posts with 100+ tweet shares, we’re going to… Continue Reading →

DIY: Twitter Share Counts (Part 1)

From time to time, you may get clients that want share counts to be displayed on their site. There are indeed SAAS (software as a service) services out there that do this for you, but what if a third party isn’t possible?… Continue Reading →

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